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The Seven Rays in the Aquarian Age

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The Seven Rays in the Aquarian Age
by Site Admin - Tuesday, 20 September 2016, 12:50 AM


Join students around the world

for a new online course

offered by


Classes meet on Sunday evenings,

9 October – 20 November, 2016


How fortunate we are as Students of Master Djwhal Khul to be offered this opportunity to delve into the mystery of the Rays of creation.  More remarkably, we will be apprenticing under the direct guidance of Master Djwhal Khul. 

Join a vibrant celebration of life on planet Earth as we:

•Purify the Seven Rays of the misconceptions and distortions projected from the last two astrological ages,

•Direct and guide the energy flow that will become a New Age,


•Establish a worldwide community intentionality, and global respect

Come be a part of this powerful opportunity with Master.  Bring open hearts and minds, ready to do this profoundly important and exciting work.  

The greater our number, the greater our service will be amplified.

You are needed: The future needs you, and Earth needs you. 

Together we are strong.

“Though it was difficult to keep up with some of the daily requirements, I would carry the intention with me through out the day, and this would keep me involved with Master's teachings all day long. These are amazing teachings. Whatever is next, I'll be there. There is something very profound in all of this that I can sense, and feel like I have touched upon for some moments, so I know that this is the time to be as awake as possible and what a wonderful way to do so by staying in the light of The Divine.” Testimonial from a student.

Join Kathlyn in this exciting course of seven classes over seven weeks.

Tuition Fees

VFF Members*   $160          Non-Members    $185

Registration is now open. Click here to register

*VFF members: be sure to login to receive your discount!

To hear His recorded personal invitation, which will surely pique your curiosity, click here to listen.

P.S.:  Note:  In the recording, Master refers to the course name as The Seven Rays and Planetary Purification.  However, as the first flier was created, He changed the course name to:


Meet you on-line!