2018  Equinox  Meditation

Help Ascended Master Djwhal Khul and Kathlyn Kingdon use the power of Guided Meditation to ‘Generate a Field of Balance across the Planet!’

DATE:  On the Equinox 22 -23 September, 2018 – Any time over the weekend
WHEN: Beginning at 14:00 Universal Time (8 am Mountain Daylight Time – Denver, CO)
WHAT’S THE PLAN? : We invite you, along with everyone around the world, to join together in local groups anytime on the Equinox weekend.

We will all listen to the same 2018 Equinox Message from Djwhal Khul  / Kathlyn Kingdon and then participate in a 30 minute guided mediation with Kathlyn Kingdon & Djwhal Khul.


  • The Video of Master DK's Equinox Message Generating Balance in an Unstable  World 
Thank you for visiting the RMES website. Please return during the Equinox weekend!


  1. Help by personally inviting your friends to join you in meditation sometime on the Equinox weekend.
  2. Help on social media by sharing the link below to the FaceBook Event Announcement on your social media platforms https://www.facebook.com/events/543487942738582/  any by click the ‘going’ button.
  3. Help by making a donation: This complimentary event honors Djwhal Khul and Kathlyn Kingdon's 35th year of partnership to planetary service. Donations in their honor will be accepted at https://www.vajraflame.org/store/donation
  4. Help by creating a Global Community over the Equinox Weekend by sharing something about your experiences on Social Media. Post your photos and comments on Master Djwhal Khul -21st Century Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/543487942738582/ OR tweet them to @RMESchool

Rocky Mountain Esoteric School

Ascended Master Djwhal Khul is one of the Great Masters of Wisdom and Compassion. In order to prepare spiritual aspirants throughout the world for the coming planetary initiation, Master Djwhal Khul undertook a three-part series of teachings starting with the work of Madam Blavatsky from 1875-1890. Her book, The Secret Doctrine, revolutionized spiritual thought of the day

The second phase of preparation was undertaken during a thirty-year commitment (1919-1949) through Alice Bailey who faithfully transmitted His teachings by founding the Arcane School and publishing many seminal books which are still in print today. In this work Master gave detailed information for the foundation of what He termed “The New Age.”

Through Alice, Master, Himself, predicted a third phase of more advanced teaching which would begin after 1975 and continue into the 21st Century via modern media expanding His teachings to every corner of the world. Although He indicated that not all the plans had yet been finalized, He did say that the more advanced teachings would at first attract only a small group and not appear to have much impact on the world. RMES is the long awaited school of Master DK, which is established through Kathlyn Kingdon (the founder of the Vajra Flame Foundation, Ltd. and Rocky Mountain Esoteric School).

Because of the profound importance of this time, Master has said that He is once again calling forth many of His students. To have access to such a Great Being is a profound privilege, and yet it is available now to all who truly desire to be of service for the coming planetary enlightenment.

Available courses

This course will be offered in three weeks and has the following online classes. Each enrolled student will also receive an mp3 recording of the call on the next business day following the live online class. 

This course will be offered in seven weeks and has following online classes. Each enrolled student will receive also an mp3 recording of the call on the next business day following the live online class. 

This course will be offered in eleven weeks and has following classes:

This course is based on the course contents of "Recreating the Energy Body I". It will be offered in ten weeks and has following classes: